SalesLogix to MAS 90 Integration

Keeping contact information up to date between SalesLogix and MAS Accounting has been a challenge over the years. As information gets updated in one system, it becomes out of synch in the other.

SalesLogix provides Dynalink to resolve this issue, but it requires multiple steps and the information isn’t real time.

Sincera has created an integration that alleviates this synchronization headache. It integrates SalesLogix Contact, Account, Address, Quote, and Order information REAL TIME, no manual or scheduled synching.

When a sales user wants to see details from the accounting system, they can just click a link and view the item in MAS.

When a user enters a quote or an order on an opportunity, they pass the order detail to MAS to enter the order into the accounting system, all products and totals stay up to date on both sides allowing for accurate forecasting and funnel reporting from within SalesLogix.

Give us a call to see a demonstration of this integration.