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Sincera was able to implement all of our crazy ideas for screen configurations, tabs, drop down boxes and data. If we would have purchased the out of the box program it wouldn’t have been a quarter as useful as the completely customized version Sincera created for us.
-Valerie, North American Minerals Corporation

Sales Force Automation from

Sales force automation (SFA) is the most widely used of sales tools, speeding and streamlining all phases of sales from lead management to analytics and forecasting. Salesforce is the world’s #1 sales, service, and marketing app. Thanks to sales force automation from, more than 100,000+ customers and 2 million subscribers worldwide can manage people and processes more effectively, pursue more business in less time, and close more deals.’s sales force automation is more comprehensive, much simpler to customize, and easier to use than conventional sales software. It lets reps, managers, and executives focus on customer relationships—instead of managing sales software and IT infrastructure.

With sales force automation, reps can spend more time selling and much less on administration. That’s why, in contrast with conventional sales force automation tools, the Salesforce CRM sales force automation suite is quickly adopted throughout the organization, becoming the sales tool of choice for reps both in the office and the field. For companies large and small across all industries, the results are unparalleled productivity and revenue growth. Recent customer success figures tell the story:

  • 32% lead conversion
  • 32% increase in sales productivity
  • 44% increase in forecast accuracy

It’s no wonder’s sales force automation has a customer satisfaction rate of 95%, far surpassing that of conventional sales software, or for that matter, of any other sales tool.
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The Sales Cloud puts everything you need at your fingertips—available anywhere. From Social accounts and contacts to Mobile, Chatter, and Analytics, collaboration across your global organization and getting deals done faster is not only possible, it’s easy.

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